Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yes It's Winter 2011

Today is 9th of January, and it's getting bloody cold out here.
The temperature scales are soring low.
Currently Kanpur at 4 C is cooler than London at 9 C.
It's dense fog outside, making the visibility really really low.
The dew can be compared to mild monsoon drizzling.
You can't move out of the house without a jacket and an over coat.
Well I guess, this crazy weather is going to be around and we are more or less helpless.
So, the best we can do is get back into our quilts and enjoy a 
hot cup of coffee!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Indian Essence

India is progressing. Doing super stuff. It's being recognized at the Global Level. 
We are doing great. Political and Bureaucratic Corruption is being questioned.
A common man wants to be informed about the day to day issues of his country.
And gradually, an Aware India is developing.
But in all this development process, something seems to be missing.
Somehow the very feel of India seems to be missing.
With every passing day, with every big global achievement, with every % increase in our economic growth,  we are losing a part of our own existence.
We are progressing but at the cost our own culture.
I'll clarify I'm not against change but what I feel is you can never go out and do big stuff until unless you value your own origin. It's a vital component for the kind of growth and development we look for. Respecting and believing in our culture will help us stand out in this big big world, as it has for past so many years! 
We are a different set of people, and we have our own unique ways. No one else, no one at all on this globe can be us, believe me not even close.
Feel it and Live the Indian Essence.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Little Things

In this run of life, from the Day 1 we only keep looking for big things in life.
It starts with big grades, moves to big colleges, further to big monies to big cars and big houses... and it never ends...!!!
We all dream big and want our lives to be perfect, well there's nothing wrong about that.
But all this while, what we forget is to appreciate the little things in life. Little things that make life worth living.
Life is beautiful the way it is.
It doesn't matter where you are or what you do or do you have everything that you once thought you would.
All that matters is that, at the end of the day when you go back to your bed, do you have that little smile on your face or not?
My friend, if you do, believe me you can't live a better life!
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A White Little Creature

I still remember about two years ago, in the freezing month of January, 5 cute looking puppies were born. Well, only two of them survived. A little girl was kind enough to adopt one, and the other one is what you see in the picture.
That young little puppy survived all seasons, and slowly grew in a young bitch.
She grew up and soon in about a years time, she delivered 4 puppies.
But as they say life isn't that fair. Only one of them survived.
Rest all died of cold.

Life's never that fair. You may call it cruel, evil, heartless, stolid. Makes no difference. Life is mean and will always be. But the only thing it teaches you is never to stop. What ever bad may happen to you, it may nearly kill you, take away your purpose to life, with time it heals you. That is the nature of life, nothing ever stops. You may break your leg, it may hurt, hurt a lot. You'd be on the bed crying for months but one fine morning when you get up you realize it has healed. You're done with it, ready to walk again.

And yes this is what happened, she delivered 4 puppies again.

Life is funny. Don't waste time trying to understand it. It always had has it's own ways and will always continue to have them. Things may be tough for a while, but be patient. As time progresses you'll realize the significance of your going through all the rough stages.
Have Fun and never stop dreaming!
Have an Awesome 2011