Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Indian Essence

India is progressing. Doing super stuff. It's being recognized at the Global Level. 
We are doing great. Political and Bureaucratic Corruption is being questioned.
A common man wants to be informed about the day to day issues of his country.
And gradually, an Aware India is developing.
But in all this development process, something seems to be missing.
Somehow the very feel of India seems to be missing.
With every passing day, with every big global achievement, with every % increase in our economic growth,  we are losing a part of our own existence.
We are progressing but at the cost our own culture.
I'll clarify I'm not against change but what I feel is you can never go out and do big stuff until unless you value your own origin. It's a vital component for the kind of growth and development we look for. Respecting and believing in our culture will help us stand out in this big big world, as it has for past so many years! 
We are a different set of people, and we have our own unique ways. No one else, no one at all on this globe can be us, believe me not even close.
Feel it and Live the Indian Essence.

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