Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Duality Of The Great Indian Life

Personally, I'm not a very big fan of highlighting poverty. I chose to believe it's just a temporary phase and we shall soon win over it. But a couple of months back when I was in Mumbai attending a photography class, our teacher gave us a topic to shoot on, "Fallout of Urbanization." I failed to shoot something worthwhile that I could show to my mentor. Days later, in an auto in Delhi I saw a little girl clinging to my pants, asking for money. Well, yes obviously she was a beggar. It struck me. I had to shoot her. Her eyes spoke of thousandths of unsaid words.As I was going to press my finger against the shutter, a line of cars freed from the Red light rushed in the background. Not wasting time, I took a picture of the girl with these fast moving cars in the background. This picture defined India for me. Fall out of urbanization. Yes I know it's cliched, and you've heard all this before. But that's the way it is. A part of us is static, and a part is running with light velocity. The Duality Of The Great Indian Life.