Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Jeevan se hai maut sasti"

Doono ek saath mare
Ek mahal mein
ek mahal ke bahar naale mein 
Mahal wale chilla pade
Woh bata ke gaye the.. 
Mai marunga toh 1 biga zameen mein hi gadunga
Par kaise? 
Pata nahi par hoga toh wahi 
Do hisse hogaye
Dono taraf se lad pade
Ek bola kaat de
Dusra bola kaat ke faila de
Kya baat ki hai
Aaj woh hote toh tumhe inaam dete
Sab mann gaye 
Kato kato kato
Kisne kahan marne ke baad yeh sab nahi rehta? 
Jaldi kato 
Tezi se kaato
Hum sachchi praja hai
Utee mein mahal wali laash zor se hil kar gir padi
Sab chauke
Pucha gaya toh pata chala usi samay naale wali laash bhi hili thi
Ek bachcha bol raha tha
Dono bade khush they
Kuch samjha rahe thee woh usko
Hass hass kar ke bol rahe thee 
Kuch kaatne ke wajood ki baat kar rahe thee..
Pata nahi
Aaj puri kheer milegi mandir mei?
Chalo sab wahi milenge... 

Monday, September 2, 2013

When Tagore Shot Me Down

Where the mind is without fear
in the weeping hours of faded dope
a sly smile will kill you
as the passionless breasts lose out taste
and the blurry stream of reason
falls victim to my molly pride
we fall in love with the mundane rot
where the heads are held high 
and the men are sold for free
when the existential awakening reaches its zenith
bullets are traded for thought
because thoughts don't come free
the world has been united by those erratic hollow bellies 
where the mind is lead forward by thee
into the sanguine arms of death 
into that heaven of misery
my darling, let my country awake !