Monday, January 3, 2011

A White Little Creature

I still remember about two years ago, in the freezing month of January, 5 cute looking puppies were born. Well, only two of them survived. A little girl was kind enough to adopt one, and the other one is what you see in the picture.
That young little puppy survived all seasons, and slowly grew in a young bitch.
She grew up and soon in about a years time, she delivered 4 puppies.
But as they say life isn't that fair. Only one of them survived.
Rest all died of cold.

Life's never that fair. You may call it cruel, evil, heartless, stolid. Makes no difference. Life is mean and will always be. But the only thing it teaches you is never to stop. What ever bad may happen to you, it may nearly kill you, take away your purpose to life, with time it heals you. That is the nature of life, nothing ever stops. You may break your leg, it may hurt, hurt a lot. You'd be on the bed crying for months but one fine morning when you get up you realize it has healed. You're done with it, ready to walk again.

And yes this is what happened, she delivered 4 puppies again.

Life is funny. Don't waste time trying to understand it. It always had has it's own ways and will always continue to have them. Things may be tough for a while, but be patient. As time progresses you'll realize the significance of your going through all the rough stages.
Have Fun and never stop dreaming!
Have an Awesome 2011


  1. nice post dude.... so u r another contributor of the virgin blog

  2. Thanks Mag! and no im not! but Virgin's owner is a good friend of mine :P