Monday, December 2, 2013

Smiling at the face of tragedy!

Smiling at the face of tragedy
It doesn't matter
Like it never did
It's just one block of infinity gliding through heaven and hell
You're there
But you still aren't
Everything has a time
It's all been done before
It's all going to be done again
We're fleeting mirrors to our times
Strangers in our own houses
It's funny
I laugh it off
The fear creeps in
I cry
Tears dripping through those smirking lips
I hear a shout
They're here
I run
There comes a hall
Endless mirrors
Reflecting, retracting, retracing
I scream of joy
I'm the centre
They come running behind too
Shoots.. bang! bang! bang!
I jump
A bullet missed
Mirror down to crumbs
It's just me and you now
My guardian greatness dies
I run
You chase
We keep running
A lady on the track
Eyes meet
I slip through that one flip of your eyes
On point blank
Comes the bullet and what..
It passes through
And I sit there smiling at my own tragedy....

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